18 July 2010

V-League 2010 Round 19: Hanoi T&T maintain top position

Ninh Binh v Hoa Phat: 1-1 (Chi Thang - Timothy Anjembe)
Binh Duong v SLNA: 2-1 (Minh Chuyen, Philani - Vidovic)
Thanh Hoa v Dong Tam Long An: 0-0
Ha Noi T&T v Dong Thap: 1-0 (Gonzalo)
Khanh Hoa v Nam Dinh: 1-0 (Agostinho)

Current top 3:
1) Ha Noi T&T 37 pts
2) Binh Duong 35 pts
3) Dong Thap 32 pts


  1. I'm going back to watch Nam Dinh play in August. I hope they will win...

  2. I would like to know how many goals scores Gonzalo Marrokle (last tear and current year)?

    And what is your oppinion about this player?

    Best wishes from Portugal,

    Pedro Azevedo

  3. Gonzalo has scored 8 goals in about 10 appearances in this season. Last year he was not in Vietnam.

    Mostly he was used as substitution but more frequently as first-team player recently. IMO, he is very good at heading because he scored most his goals from heading. Moreover, he is good at positioning too. If Gonzalo can improve his shots, he can a very dangerous striker.