02 January 2010

Vietnam vs Asian teams

After looking at this on FIFA official site, I have found some interesting points about Vietnam results against some regional and continental opponents:

Vietnam vs Singapore: The last time Singapore defeated Vietnam was in the final of Tiger Cup in 1998. It means Vietnam has been unbeaten against Singapore for 12 years.

Vietnam vs Thailand: Thailand is the opponent that Vietnam has met the most (18 times) since 1973 and Vietnam could get only 3 wins.

Vietnam vs Indonesia: Vietnam never considers Indonesia its biggest threat in any competition but the truth is Vietnam has not beaten Indonesia since 1999.

Vietnam vs Malaysia: Vietnam has never played against Malaysia in Malaysia since 1991. 6 of their 8 games were held in Thailand and Indonesia.

Vietnam vs Myanmar: The first time (since 1991) Myanmar won against Vietnam was in 2008. Vietnam won the rest.

Vietnam vs Laos: The first game 2 teams met ended as a draw in 1996. Since then Vietnam has won all 7 games against Laos. Laos has not scored against Vietnam since 1998.

Vietnam vs Cambodia: Vietnam has won all 5 games against Cambodia since 1995, scoring averagely 6.2 goals per match, the highest rate.

Vietnam vs Philippines: The last time 2 teams met was in 2002.

Vietnam has never met Brunei as well as Timor Leste.

Vietnam vs China: Vietnam has lost all of their 4 games against China, scoring 2 goals and conceding 15 goals.

Vietnam vs Japan: The first time was in 1973 and the second time was in 2007.

Vietnam vs South Korea: One win for Vietnam in 2003. Vietnam has played against South Korea 6 times from 1996-2004. More than most other teams.

Vietnam vs Turkmenistan: 5 times. Vietnam's first win was in 2009. The rest are defeats.

Vietnam vs Sri Lanka: 3 games in 5 days in 2002.

Vietnam vs Iran: Vietnam has never met this Asian powerhouse.

Vietnam vs UAE: 3 games from July to October in 2007. One win and two defeats for Vietnam.

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