20 October 2009

VFF said NO to naturalized players

In a recent interview, Calisto said VFF prevented him from calling up naturalized players for Vietnam national team. He was not satisfied about this, of course. VFF are trying to interfere in his job without making any public statement. This caused some controversy among press and fans.

VFF also planned on promulgating a new rule that limits the number of naturalized players in a club. As this number is rising by every season, some Vietnamese clubs now can field more than 5 foreign players in a match. This is becoming a new problem of V-League. Now let's take a look at these naturalized players and their club:
  1. Doan Van Sakda (Thailand - HAGL)
  2. Doan Van Nirut (Thailand - HAGL)
  3. Phan Van Santos (Brazil - GDT Long An)
  4. Huynh Kesley Alves (Brazil - Binh Duong)
  5. Nguyen Rogerio (Brazil - SHB Da Nang)
  6. Dinh Hoang La (Ukraine - Ninh Binh)
  7. Dinh Hoang Max (Nigeria - Ninh Binh)
  8. Tran Le Martin (Uganda - Hoa Phat)
  9. Phan Le Isaac (Uganda - Hoa Phat)
Awaiting paperwork: Benjamin Dzigba (Ghana - HAGL), Lee Nguyen (USA - HAGL), Antonio Carlos (Brazil - GDT Long An), Almeida (Brazil - SHB Da Nang), Isaawa (Thailand - GDT Long An), Jucelio (Brazil - Ninh Binh), Elenildo de Jesus (Brazil - Hai Phong), Hassan Sesay (Sierra Leone - ACB Ha Noi), Valdinei (Brazil - T&T), Kizito Lawrence (Uganda - T&T).

High possibility: Tshamala Kaganga(DR Congo - GDT Long An), Marcelo (Brazil - HAGL), Toledo (Brazil - HAGL), Philani (South Africa - Binh Duong), Abbey (Ghana - Viettel FC), Amaobi Honest (Nigeria - Nam Dinh).

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