19 October 2009

A bit about Vietnamese football

The sport of football in the country of Vietnam is run by the Vietnam Football Federation. The federation administers the Vietnam national football team, as well as the V-League.

Football is unarguably the main and most supported sport in Vietnam. Its annual V-League competition has taken place since 1980 till now (except in 1988 and 1999).

When Vietnam was split into North Vietnam and South Vietnam, two national teams existed; the North Vietnamese team was not very active, playing almost exclusively other Communist countries between 1956 and 1966 whilst the South Vietnamese team took part in the first two Asian Cups finals, finishing fourth both times.

After Vietnam was united in 1975, Vietnamese football suffered a long time of stagnation. In 1991, Vietnam national football team played its first international match. The match ended up as a 2-2 draw between Vietnam and the host Philippines. Vietnamese football has made a lot of improvement since then. Both Vietnam national team and V-League are now one of the best in ASEAN region. In 2008, Vietnam NT was crowned the champions of AFF Cup, which was undoubtedly the greatest achievement of Vietnamese football.


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  2. When they played when one team are not playing well.Does other team participate in that match?Both are the national teams?

  3. I am visiting HCMC on Nov. 8 & 9.
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