10 June 2012

Hong Kong vs Vietnam

Friendly: Hong Kong vs Vietnam (June 10)

Hong Kong can be considered a neighbor for Vietnam as the distance between two countries is only 700 kilometers. However, because of being member of different sub-confederations, we don't have much connection in terms of football.

Hong Kong is a city-state on southern coast of China. Its area is about one thirds of Hanoi and population is about 7 million. Despite being considered a part of China, Hong Kong has its own national team due to a principle called 'One country, two systems'. I find Hong Kong share a lot in common with Singapore, in many aspects.

Hong Kong national team is also on par with The Lions. It was proved when Hong Kong defeated Singapore 1-0 in a recent friendly. One of Hong Kong best players is Chan Siu Ki, who has 32 goals in 40 caps for his nation. Chan Siu Ki is a striker of top Hong Kong club South China and he has been a member of national team since 2004. However, he is likely to be absent in the friendly vs Vietnam. Like Singapore, Hong Kong also has some naturalised players such as Godfred Karikari (Ghana), Jack Sealy (England) and Bai He (China).

In history, Vietnam has played Hong Kong once, losing 0-1 in an away friendly game nearly 10 years ago.

My prediction: A draw is not a bad result for Vietnam, given that it is an away game and Vietnam has just had a single resting day after China game.


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  4. I didn't know that Hong Kong was in another confederation. Even though they are so near of your location. but it is nice to play with different teams to see the level that your team has.