11 March 2012

Fact about Sai Gon FC

Since established in late 2010, Sai Gon FC (formerly known as Sai Gon Xuan Thanh) has played 40 games in all domestic competitions, losing only 3.

Sai Gon FC's defeats:

Feb 12, 2011: SLNA 4-2 Sai Gon FC (Vietnam Cup)
July 16, 2011:Tay Ninh 3-1 Sai Gon FC (First Division)
August 7, 2011: Sai Gon FC 2-3 Binh Dinh (First Division)

1 comment:

  1. It is a impressive loosing/winning ratio. I didn't expect that one team ccould do that well. After so many games.