15 February 2012

Vietnam invited for Independence Day Cup

According to, Vietnam will be invited to participate in Independence Day Cup, an international tournament hosted by Philippines in June. Alongside with Vietnam, Singapore and three English clubs including Fulham, QPR and Blackburn Rovers will get the invitation.

Vietnam were also invited to play a friendly with Palestine in upcoming months.


  1. ko biết VN có đòi món nợ thua 0-2 ở AFF mình thấy Philippines bây giờ mạnh hơn xưa nhiều với chính sách nhập tịch ồ ạt, lại còn mời các đội bóng danh tiếng sang thi đấu nữa

  2. we dont undrestand your comments. In english pls...

  3. I really think that that is a very nice opportunity for Vietnam to show how much their soccer level has improved, I wish the best luck to Vietnam in that competition