07 February 2012

VFF want V-League back

In a shocking manner, Vietnam Football Federation has demanded VPF, the current organizer of Super League, to rename the top domestic competition back to V-League. Four days ago, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also made a request to change the name of Super League. Can this be called government interference? This happens amid the tense debate between VPF and coalition of VFF and AVG over broadcasting rights. The official name of the competition could be a key factor in the case.

VPF (Vietnam Professional Football) is a joint-stock company founded by 28 members of former V-League and First Division sides. It was recognised as the official organizer of local competitions after VFF agreed to play a less important role. Things started to get complicated when VPF denied the contract between VFF and AVG that allows the media group to own all media rights of V-League in next 20 years for a pretty low price. According to VPF, the deal is ineffective because it was signed between AVG and solely VFF, without approval of Vietnamese clubs.


  1. This story comes out after there was a big story in the Americas where CONMEBOL signs a big agreement with FIFA to stop Government interfence and FIFA is launching a new initiative to end Government interfence in the game. Looks like Vietnam will be high on their list..

  2. Government interfence at it's best!

    1. VPF haven't agreed yet. Let's see what will happen.

  3. If I am not mistaken, I read in a previous post on this blog that the V league was renamed Super league, am I right? I like this new name more than the other actually