19 November 2011

Another failure

There's no pity when Vietnam was knocked out in the semi-final after losing to Indonesia. The hosts were simply better while Vietnam played terribly.

I read it on a forum. Someone blamed the lack of young Vietnamese talents on the appearance of too many foreign players in local competitions and we should learn from Malaysia to ban all foreigners. Is it the case?

England and Germany are two nations that have the highest rate of foreign players playing in their competitions in Europe, much higher than Vietnam. While Germany currently enjoy the blossom of young talents, England are suffering the lack. It is the quality of youth training and recruitment that determines the success. Malaysia now has a good generation of players. It's the result of their investment in youth a few years ago. A whole team of young players were sent to Slovakia to play for a year. They now intend to send another young team to play in Singapore.

Look at us. We pay a bunch of money to buy not-that-good players but don't invest anything on young players. We organised a lot of short international friendly tournaments in the hope of improving young players. Which kind of young players improve through some friendlies? Frankly, the federation just did it in the sake of tickets revenue. We built a big training center in Hanoi in 2003 but it has never been used to train players. It was hired to hold amateur matches, for money.

Honestly, I don't see a bright future for Vietnamese football until a big big change. Can it be the imminent birth of Vietnam Professional Football company?

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  1. Future is Scavi Rocheteau, mate! ;-p
    Good analysis and comparaison though