22 October 2011

Cornell Glen scored a brace for SLNA in friendly

Cornell Glen
Trinidad & Tobago striker Cornell Glen, who has been capped 59 times with T&T national team including 3 appearances in World Cup 2006, impressively scored a double as SLNA trounced Thanh Hoa 4-0 in a pre-season friendly. Alongside Glen, two more T&T internationals Clyde Leon and Devorn Jorsling are having trial at SLNA.

After having great success with three Jamaican players last season, SLNA is leading the way in the trend of transfering players from Caribbean region to Vietnam. This week, Peter Byers, an Antigua & Barbuda international, will also travel to Nghe An.


  1. I know this is totally off topic but have you heard any news about the new professional basketball team in Saigon, SSA Saigon Heat? Is there much talk about the team playing in the ABL? I've been searching about them but don't see a lot of coverage of them by Viet media.

  2. frankly I don't know much about that basketball team.

  3. i found this youtube video that has SLNA in it, its in english.

  4. thanks for the great video, Mari!