10 May 2011

Saigon International Football League

Saigon International Football League (SIFL) is a very organized amateur football league which was founded in 2000 as four local expat teams and one Vietnamese side decided to compete on a more formal basis.

The competition is now composed of 10 clubs with local players and expat players mostly from France, Great Britain, Australia and Japan. Despite being an amateur league, it has a very good website which is better than most V-League sites I know. You can find fixtures, results, stats, player info and some useful news.

Olympique de Saigon is the most successful team, having won the league 5 times. The club has two former V-League players, Frederic Rault and David Serene. Both are French and played in V-League 10 years ago. The club also has a nice website.

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  1. Thanks for the referral Erick.
    Note that SIFL welcome new team to take part to the competition.