22 March 2011

Interview with Johnny Nguyen

Johnny Nguyen (24)
I managed to get in touch and have a small interview with Johnny Nguyen, a French player of Vietnamese origin.

Q: Hi Johnny, please tell me a bit about yourself. Where were you born? Do you have Vietnamese nationality?

I was born in France and my parent are both Vietnamese. I am French but I'd like to have dual nationality.

Q: When did you start playing football? Which position? 

I start playing football at the age of 6 as a midfielder and today I play professionally at the same position.

Q: Are you playing for a club now?Tell me about your club.

I am currently a player of professional club Stade de Reims in France in Division 2. I am under contract until July 2011. I have some proposals but I have not decided yet ...

Q: What do you know about Vietnamese football? Do you know any club or player in Vietnam?

I watch a little football on the channel VTV Vietnamese here in France. I know a few names of some clubs such as Becamex Binh Duong and Hoang Anh Gia Lai.

Q: Have you ever visited Vietnam? Do you have relatives there?

Yes, I have already come to Vietnam in vacancy in Ho Chi Minh city and of course in Nha Trang where my grandparents and my aunts and cousins live.

Q: There are some overseas Vietnamese players playing in Vietnam, in the V-League, like Lee Nguyen (USA), Ludovic Cassett (France) and Dang Van Robert (Czech Republic). Would you like to play for a club in Vietnam if you get an offer?

Why not? I will consider coming to play in Vietnam after reflection of proposal. I know the name Ludovic Cassett. He has played Auxerre in France but in D team, right?

Q: Do you know any Vietnamese player like you in France?

There are not many professional players of Vietnamese origin in the championship of France.

Thanks Johnny!

In our conversation, Johnny also expressed his wish to help Vietnamese football progress and asked me some questions about obtaining Vietnamese passport if he comes to play in Vietnam. Find more info and contact in his personal website here.


  1. Hi Erick,

    You can tell Johnny Nguyen that, he can easily obtain Vietnamese nationality. All he need to do is contact to Vietnam embassy in France to ask procedure.

  2. thanks. I will tell him about that.

  3. wow. great interview. i had no idea there were professional vietnamese soccer players in other leagues.

  4. Hi Erick,

    Do you have contact with another Vietnamese oversea players?

  5. Yes, I have contact with Truong Minh Tuan, who is playing in Holland. And also some players in USA.

  6. Don't you mind tell me some name of them?

  7. They are not professional players, only playing college soccer. I also know Long Nguyen, who played for a U17 team in Finland.

  8. Do you know this news, Erick?

  9. yes, I do. Johnny also told me about it.

  10. So, did any club contact him?

  11. His agent will help him contact Vietnamese clubs. That's all I know so far.