26 February 2011

Tough days for Ha Noi T&T

Having just lost two consecutive games against SHB Da Nang and Lam Son Thanh Hoa, Ha Noi T&T will need to sort themselves up to prepare for next two difficult away games. The first one will be against a very strong Thai side Muang Thong United as their opening game of AFC Cup campaign. The second one will be at Pleiku stadium where Ha Noi T&T was destroyed 1-4 by HAGL last season.

Comparing to Binh Duong and SHB Da Nang, who represented Vietnam at AFC Cup last year, Ha Noi T&T doesn't have such good squad. It's even harder for V-League 2010 champions when they are pooled with two best teams from Singapore and Thailand. Advancing to next round is a possible task but I don't think Ha Noi T&T is top favourite in its group. 


  1. one question for you ...
    is it true that only Hanoi T&T equipping their team with a legal jersey-sponsored sport brand (Kappa)? ... I noticed that Hai Phong used to be sponsored by Thai's Grandsport ... This also indicates the unprofessionalism of V-league since most of the clubs using illegal copies of famous-sport-brand jerseys, (Binh Duong - Adidas, Xuan Thanh SG - Puma, for example) ... just my observation... with all the money invested in players and infrastructures, might as well investing into professionalizing jerseys and soccer related equipments ...

  2. Sorry, I don't know much about these jersey stuff.

  3. Yes , T&T is now sponsored by Kappa. You can see adboards in the stadium & i think that T&T is the only team with such a great jersey sponsor

  4. It is such a dissapoinment for a so-called one of the best leagues in SEA, V-league ... I don't even think V-league is as professionally developed as Thai League or even Malay League. Most of the teams in those leagues are properly sponsored by some sport brands (Adidas, Nike, Lotto, GrandSport ...) What bothers me is that even at international competition, like AFC cup for example, SLNA yesterday showed up with fake Adidas jerseys (the 3 stripe mark), which is, I believe, considered illegal & unprofessional ... it's nothing less than a team that play "đá phủi" at Bách Khoa Stadium ... VFF is of course the first one to blame ... I'm glad T&T made the initiative to professionalize their team's image ...

  5. Lets make a football-marketing company for vietnam to bring it forward :-D