07 December 2010

Not bad at all

Vietnam will enter the decisive match with Singapore tomorrow, knowing that only victory can secure them a place in semi-final as Philippines is unlikely to lose their historic chance to advance to next round.

If Vietnam can somehow make it, it's good and Vietnam may defend the AFF Cup title. This perspective, however, doesn't make the national team any better. Champions be champions again. It would so sweet that some people might think we are on the top and doing very well right now. Advancing to higher level such as challenging Asian powerhouses? No, if big bosses even thought about it, they would have done something different to the our football.

Thus, a failure may be necessary right now. People would, if fortunately, realize that there are so many problems with the national team and our football in general. Why did so many good players withdraw from the national team? Why was Calisto prevented to call up best players? Why are still some old names with silly performances around here? Why is VFF made up of virtually no club representative and can't control our football? And government interference? And a bunch of bullshit things like AFC Champions League disqualification because of not submitting documents or playing AFC Cup with under-18 team or V-League Supporters Award given to a club with only 200 hired fans.

There are a lot of questions that we can't answer. Or are we pretending to be naive and lying each other?


  1. look like Thailand NT! Robson isn't call up best player and still some old names with low performances

    i hope vietnam champion

    Good luck Vietnam

  2. hey i agree with you Erick!!!
    our football is largely intervened by politicians and marred by administration problems. I wish to be part of the football scene in VN and make a difference.will get a fifa coaching license once i turn 40!
    been following your blog for a year. Keep up the great work. Hung Cuong -