26 December 2010

A galaxy at Navibank Sai Gon

Almeida now wears Navibank Saigon jersey (Pic: Anh Tai)
Navibank Saigon, who escaped from relegation through play-off last season, seems becoming a new powerhouse in V-League. A series of Vietnamese internationals have joined the club which is based in the most prosperous city of Vietnam. Nguyen Quang Hai, Phan Van Tai Em, Luong Van Duoc Em and Phan Van Santos are the most notable names. In term of foreigners, the club has recruited V-League 2007 & 2008 top scorer Jose Emidio Almeida, whose talent had been proved for recent years. Some other names such as Thai international Nirut Surasiang, Brazilian duo Leandro Cruz and Giovanni are also quality ones. It seems an interesting season is awaiting for Navibank Sai Gon.


  1. Hi. Anybody know when the transfer window will end?

  2. It will end by the start of V-League, on January 22.

  3. Thanks Eric. Im new to the V-League and trying to gather as much info as how it operates as I work in sports:

    And i suppose the second transfer window takes place mid-season?

  4. That's right. It will start in June.

  5. Hi Eric and Anonymous,

    I'm with Lotus from San Francisco. We are exploring ways to bring a Major League Soccer teams to Vietnam and V-League teams to North America for exhibition games. I'd appreciate any advice from you regarding this matter. Thank you.