15 October 2010

Changes in 2011

Binh Duong's stadium at night
V-League 2011 will see a lot of changes made by VFF. Some notable points:

1 - Each club can register 4 foreign players and field 3 in each game.
2 - Each V-League club must have the minimum budget of 25 billion VND (US$ 1,300,000).
3 - It's the first time some V-League games are scheduled for evening (19:45). All stadiums must have lighting system meeting requirement.
4 - The fixtures of first and second leg are drawn separately. V-League 2011 will start on January 22.
5 - Each V-League club must have at least 25 players under professional contracts over a total of 30 players. The remaining slots can be given to young players under youth contract.
6 - Number of promotion/relegation slots between V-League and the First Division varies from 1.5 to 2 depending on the number of professional clubs in First Division.

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