28 August 2010

Deep in the red

Financial income and outcome of Vietnamese clubs are something not publicized widely and exactly. But one thing for sure, no club could earn enough money from football to supply the everyday need of its club, particularly in V-League.

So, where does the money come from? It comes from some big domestic corporations, which need football and its large fanbase to promote their trademark. That's why most of Vietnamese football club names are attached to a company name like T&T, Becamex, Hoang Anh... Moreover, because of the pure purpose of promotion, they don't mind spending a lot of cash without thinking about income from football. Some football clubs open stadium on game day for free such as Dong Thap or at very low ticket price like Da Nang (just around a single dollar). Other commercial incomes such as jerseys and souvenirs are completely forgot. However, promotion through football proves quite effective so big companies just keep pouring the money in to help their club become famous and win titles. 

Some revealed numbers of V-League clubs:
Navibank Sai Gon: Out: 50 billion VND (US$ 2.6 mil) / In: Nearly zero
Da Nang: Out: 40 billion VND / In: 4 billion VND
HAGL: Out: 70 billion VND / In: 10 billion VND

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