25 June 2010

VFF plan to adopt UEFA Champions League rule on V-League

In order to find a more effective way to restrict the number of foreign-born players in V-League, VFF is considering applying 'home-grown' rule in V-League 2011. This idea was suggested by some football pundits a few months ago and it was highly approved by some VFF officials. According to the new provisional rule, each club must field at least 7 home-grown players at a time. This matter will be brought to discussion prior to V-League 2011. However, many people cast doubt over its possibility of realization.

Outside Vietnam, home-grown rule has been used in UEFA Champions League since 2006 and will be introduced to English Premier League next season.

So, what is a home-grown player?

The most common definition of a home-grown player is a player trained for at least 3 years under the age of 21 by clubs in the domestic football system. Home-grown players can be either domestic ones or foreigners. Besides, all under-21 players are eligible to play.

The main obstacle for this rule to be adopted in Vietnam is the lack of statistic information. It would take some time to complete all necessary info for home-grown players. Not to mention some Vietnamese players came to football very late when they were already over 20. Moreover, the new rule will also prevent some Vietnamese players trained abroad such as Dang Van Robert, Emil Le Giang and Patrick Le Giang... to play in there homeland.

The home-grown definition will include some foreign-born players as well. Looking at the current list of players, we can find some names meeting the requirement such as Cesar Cocchi (under 21) and Samson Kayode (trained in Vietnam).

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