07 May 2010

Two biggest games of the season

V-league 2009 champions Da Nang have traveled to Binh Duong to prepare for a crucial V-league clash against the host on May 7. The winner of tomorrow game will surely have a big advantage in the title race. Da Nang are currently staying on the top of V-league table after a thrilling victory over Hoa Phat while Binh Duong are right behind.

Go Dau stadium is likely to be full tomorrow and nearly 20,000 fans would be a major boost for Binh Duong in this big game. History also stands on Binh Duong's side because Da Nang has never got a good result here. One more factor that makes Binh Duong fans believe in a victory is the excellent form of their attackers who scored 16 goals in last 4 games.

Yet, it's not everything both sides set their mind to. Just 4 days later, one more Da Nang - Binh Duong match will be played at Chi Lang stadium. The one-off AFC Cup game will determine who will represent Vietnam in the quarter-finals of this tournament. However, for many Vietnamese fans and both teams, this game is also considered the second leg of the final of 2010 season. In 2009, Da Nang won V-League title but their achievement was outshined by Binh Duong' success in AFC Cup. Da Nang was also known as a very poor and humiliated performer when playing continental competitions. So, this game will be the best chance for Da Nang to prove their domination in Vietnam as well as regaining some reputation.

Let's wait and see.

Recent results:

Da Nang v Binh Duong: 3-3
Binh Duong v Da Nang: 4-1
Da Nang v Binh Duong: 1-1
Binh Duong v Da Nang: 2-0
Da Nang v Binh Duong: 1-0

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