24 May 2010

Updates about Atletico Madrid friendlies in Vietnam


T&T Group, VFF and Atletico Madrid have come to an agreement about a friendly tour of the new Europa League champions in Vietnam in August. As planned, Atletico Madrid will play two games, one against Vietnam national team and one against Ha Noi T&T or SHB Da Nang (both are under control of T&T Group). Besides Vietnam, Los Colchoneros will also visit China and some southeast asian countries.

UPDATES - Atletico's friendlies in Vietnam will probably be canceled as VFF and T&T Group couldn't agree on the shares of appearance fee.


  1. Besides Vietnam, Los Colchoneros will also visit China and SOME SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES.

    what are the countries?

  2. it's likely to be Thailand and Indonesia

  3. Are you sure about your information?

  4. I dont think so... I really dont think so... Vietnam lost a fantastic oportunity to play against Europa League Winer... How is this possible?

  5. I feel disappointed too. The cancellation was informed by VFF vice-president.

  6. according to latest news T&T Group was not able to answer the request from AM for 7 months!!
    Great guys- u did well!