13 May 2010

All-time list of foreign football players in Vietnam

It's no exaggeration to say foreign players play a very important part in the success of the V-league since its birth in 2000. They come from all over the world, from South East Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia to far lands like Europe, America and Africa. Some spent a short time playing in Vietnam but there are some spending their whole career here. I must admit I love the colors they bring to Vietnamese football.

So, I have built the All-time list of foreign players in Vietnam in order to give football fans more info about their favourite players. The list currently covers nearly 200 players, listed by nationality.

I believe it still lacks a lot so any addition, correction or suggestion would be much appreciated.


  1. Nice work erick, I have passed on to some of the boys so hopefully they will update you. :)

  2. It's a really great list Erick! I have one more name for you. Thai Port's Cameroonian goalkeeper Munze Ulrich played for Huda Hue in 2007.

    He is mentioned in this match report:



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  4. Missing : David SERENE (France)

  5. adesope hammed is missing in ur list as foreign players cos i learnt is playing der aswell...thank

  6. @Greg
    not many Brits playing abroad you know but i hope there will be some in Vietnam soon :D

  7. Excellent work!

    More info for te argentinien players:

    * Gaston Merlo and Cesar Paolo Cocchi played in Ferro de Alvear previosly his arrive to Vietnam

    * Diego Martin Mendez played in Yupanqui previosly his arrive to Vietnam.

    * Matias Vicente played in Ferro Gral. Pico previosly his arrived to Vietnam. Now is injured.

    Great blog


  8. Foday Abbass Sillah is playing at Vietell this seison

  9. pipat thonkaya is playing at persisam (indonesia)now

  10. You have left out Kyobe Livingstone Uganda, CONG SAIGON, Charles Kayemba Danang, Iddi Batambuze, Lulenti Kyeyune, Gerald Kibirango, Enoch Kyembe (Songhlam)Kisseka Ntale Daniel, Mathias Kaweesa, Dominic Kabuye(Khanhoa) Paul Mukatabala Bindozoung, Joseph Mutyaba Danang

  11. thanks. I will add them in the next update.

  12. Morgan Nkathazo is currently playing for the top league in Canada. He also played for Panathinaikos in Greece after he left Danang in 2004.

  13. You missed Mariusz Wisocky (spell?), played for Danang same times as T.Cebula;
    Charles Kaemba (spell?), Danang too.
    Vyacheslav Lepavko, Russian, played for CAHN.
    and a Sweden player played for ─ÉTLA 2 years ago but I forgot his name.

  14. Zhao Shuang, He Zhiqiang (Chinese), CATP HCM, same time as Yu Xing
    Theophilus Essele (Nigerian), Nam Dinh.
    Mutiu Adegoke, (Nigerian),The Cong, 2008.
    Alfredo (Chilean), Hai Phong (2004) and Nam Dinh (2005)
    Rafael Steve Rodrigues (Brazilian), The Cong (2008) and Da Nang (2009).
    Musa Aliu (Nigerian), Cang Sai Gon (2003)
    Saliu (???), same time as Amaobi and Essele in Nam Dinh.

  15. Tostao Kwashi has Vietnamese nationality (Le Tostao)
    Dan Ito (Japanese), Cang Sai Gon, 2004.

  16. Henry Kiseka is in the national team of Uganda.
    Kavin Bryan is in the national team Jamaica.
    Timothy Anjembe, Osas and Samson Kayode are in the national team of Nigeria U23.
    Michel Joseph Laumann play before for Schalke 04.

  17. thanks. all will be done in the next update.

  18. For list of all time foreign players, please add the greatest Ugandan player Majid Musisi ( Danang ) and the legent Enock Kyembe ( Song Lam )

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