10 April 2010

AFC Cup Round of 16 to be redrawn ?

In a recent interview, Ngo Van Ta, a director of SHB Da Nang, told the press that round of 16 of AFC Cup 2010 can be redrawn in case there is a game involving two clubs from the same nation.

SHB Da Nang is leading in group F of AFC Cup and need only 1 more point to win it. According to the fixture provided by the AFC, Da Nang will meet group H's runner-up which can be another Vietnamese club Binh Duong. Mr Ta said the AFC does not expect a one-nation match in the round of 16 and the previous fixture can be changed. It is likely an all-east-asia draw of round of 16 can be made for winners of groups F to H if that case happens.


  1. I don't know about a re-draw. Just last year in the ACL, 2 Saudi clubs met each other in the Round of 16. So a more premier club competition didn't use country protection so why would the AFC Cup?

  2. You're right druryfire. I question about this too. I don't know if it could happen or not. However, the AFC sometimes made sudden changes to AFC Cup in the past such as redraw for dropped ACL 2010 qualifiers and one-off final in 2009 which was declared when the knock-out rounds were going on. It makes me confused and sometimes I think the AFC doesn't hesitate to change things in this second-tier competition.

  3. Yeah, things could be changed, but it normally seems to be on the whim of Bin Hammam, so it seems he makes decision's if he is given something in return, such as future votes for FIFA President as an example.

    It would just be much easier if it was an open draw in the Round of 16, it's what happens for the Quarter-finals, so why not R16? I'm sure playing a West Asian team would be more benefical to East Asian teams to develop, but it would only be fair over two legs rather than the 1 legged R16.