08 March 2010

Kung-fu League

Last round of V-league saw Vissai Ninh Binh and Hai Phong draw 2-2 in a hot derby of two 'cement' clubs while the fans had a chance to watch some martial skills.

...on the field

...and in the stands

Ninh Binh coach Robert Lim criticized his player Raphael

...and the Brazilian player didn't hesitate to shout back

Hai Phong players are even worse. Aniekan and GK Bui Quang Huy blamed each other after Hai Phong conceded a goal at 95th min and two teammates thought words couldn't solve things

Aniekan and GK Quang Huy will be suspended by his club so young Indian-Vietnamese GK Ram Zack Sing will have his V-League debut next round


  1. So I see it's not just Thailand that has problems with the behaviour of the players. It's sad to see this because it sets a bad example to fans and younger players.

  2. I'd like to see players fighting in V-league because they play very bad.