24 February 2010

AFC Cup 2010: Binh Duong draw, Da Nang win

Selangor (Malaysia) v Binh Duong: 0-0
Match Report

Binh Duong were more than pleased with the outcome as lady luck and brilliant GK The Anh saved them from losing last night. The whole squad did not seem to be at their best fitness. Traveling from Khanh Hoa to Sai Gon by coach just 3 days ago, flying to Malaysia and keep traveling to Selangor by coach again, Binh Duong didn't not have best preparation. Some Vietnamese newspaper criticized their poor performance but I think a draw was fair as Selangor played pretty well in the second half.

I could not watch this match but managed to find a Malaysian live radio report. Of course I did not understand anything the commentator said except some players' names. Especially when the match was coming to the end, I could not remember how many times he shouted "Safee Sali!!!!" and the noise from the crowds made me think Selangor had scored at least some goals. A goalless draw is not a bad result for Binh Duong at all.

Other result from group H: Victory (Maldives) v Sriwijaya (Indonesia): 0-0
A bit surprise that Sriwijaya was held to a draw.

Thai Port v SHB Da Nang: 2-3

It seemed an interesting game. Da Nang's Argentine duo Gaston Merlo and Niko contributed 2 goals while Vietnam international Phan Thanh Hung scored the third one. It was a very good result for Da Nang. It will certainly help them ease the criticism from media.

Clip: Thai Port 2-3 Da Nang

Other result from group H: Geylang (Singapore) v Taipo (Hong Kong): 1-1


  1. I never understand the Vietnamese commentator so all I hear is 'blah blah blah OSITA blah blah PHILANI blah blah'. Fun eh?

  2. Hi Erik, I put this last comment up on
    keep up the good work here.

  3. @Cara
    Anyhow you were more lucky than me to be able to catch the game on TV.

    I have just read your blog. It seems you have quite a lot of friends playing football in Vietnam. Wish you more luck in the year of Tiger!

  4. Hi, if you would like to look at an other Vietnamese football website, you can look at Football For All in Vietnam website

    Tom, Hue

  5. Thanks Eric - most of my friends are footballers actually. Shame I don't like the game but I do love your blog as it helps me stay up to date. I'm also the same girl who emailed you about that huge Coca-Cola campaign. I love to help promote the game in this adopted country of mine. :) Keep up the great work.

  6. i can't waiting for binh duong vs sriwijaya .......i think binh duong is good vietnam's side.....but i belive sriwijaya can facing this.....zah rahan , kayamba gumbs ready for take sriwijaya's win ......

  7. Fyi Selangor has NO foreign players in their team as malaysian league does not allow teams to sign foreign players. So a draw was not a good results

  8. Cara: I've read your blog, almost all your blogs.Im also an expat living here for more than a year and I became fascinated with football because my "crush" is there.