12 January 2010

HAGL wants USD 200,000 for Thonglao

After coming back to Vietnam, Thailand international Datsakorn Thonglao had a meeting with HAGL board to discuss about his future on Jan 11. He expressed his wish to leave the club to play football in his homeland. After the meeting, HAGL has basically agreed to let Thonglao go but they want an amount of transfer fee up to USD 200,000 for the Thai playmaker. Thonglao's contract is set to expire in 2012.

A member of HAGL board has revealed that Muang Thong United and Chonburi are interested in Thonglao.


  1. Oh...It's quite expensive for Thai clubs!!!

  2. Pls have a look at his senior career in this link

    Did you see "2010-?!? Muang Thong United" ?

    I'm a bit confused at the moment!!!

  3. it's a bit unclear here.
    HAGL said Thonglao has just signed a new 2-year contract recently but now he wants to leave.
    The signing fee he got was reported to be quite a lot.

  4. Việt Nam tiền đạo !!!!!
    Incheon United(kleague) Quyền sở hữu??