16 December 2009

Where are all the reporters ?

My morning habit is taking a glance at some online newspaper after breakfast. Since SEA Games 25 started about 2 weeks ago, I have just noticed the importance of this tournament to Vietnamese fans (as well as Vietnamese reporters). About 10-15 news headlines on SEA Games are updated on each newspaper site everyday. Half of them are about football. Football sites are always full of SEA Games news which makes me get a little bored. By contrast, pages on V-League news have not been updated for about 10 days as I notice. The ACL and AFC Cup draw result was announced about a week ago, yet no Vietnamese media gave it a damn. It's not so difficult to understand the cause. As Andy shared in his blog, about 300 Vietnamese reporters were sent to Vientiane to cover the event. I know SEA Games is important for Vietnamese people but 300 is a little too much. Vietnamese reporters completely outnumber those from other countries even host Laos and maybe the number of fans from some nations like East Timor or Philippines can't be compared to them!

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