19 November 2009

VFF is a joke

VFF has just decided that each team can field only one naturalized player in a V-league 2010 match. Fans are angry while many clubs are strongly against this ridiculous decision. They believe all Vietnamese players must have equal rights of playing football and this decision seriously violates the law. Some media brands have voiced their disagreement on this matter. If these clubs bring the case to CAS, not sure what will happen to VFF.

Fans call this decision "pure discrimination", "stupid and conservative". Most of them also want naturalized players back for Vietnam national team after Vietnam's poor results in Asian Cup 2011 Qualifier. I heard some are planning on a demonstration.


  1. A disgrace to vietnam for using too many naturalize foreigners.

  2. agree that vietnam shouldn't have many naturalized players. vietnam should make it harder for foreigners to be given citizenship but once they are granted vietnamese nationality they should be treated equally.

  3. Vietnam is a big country with huge population and so its should not be a problem to have great talented footballers as compare to Singapore. Vietnam is at least 17 times bigger in the population size. I have no objection on using naturalize foreigners but to misuse this policy i simply disagree. Club side should mould their own youth talent instead of depending on naturalize players. Remember that naturalize players come and go one day but youth development will never stopped.

  4. I agree with the second comment, as soon as foreigners have been given their vietnamese nationality, they should be treated equally.
    I also think that "Viet-Kieu" players, i mean foreigners who have at least a quarter of their blood vietnameese should be prefered. This is the particularity of Vietnam and an unique force.

  5. good question ! Do the "viet kieu" guys like Lee Nguyen, or the new french stricker Julien Crasbercu will be considered as naturalized foreigners when they will have their dual nationality ? or they will be considered as 100% vietnameese ? IF not that means that there is no difference between foreigners and 'viet-kieu'. In this case, yes i don t understand anything !!!