21 November 2009

From Lee Nguyen to his fans in Vietnam

These are some words Lee Nguyen shared on his official page about the break-up with HAGL

Hey guys hope you wont dont be disappointed in me ,the paper in VN iis Wrong about the break up ... the real reason why I didnt come back to Ham Rong/HAGL was because we had a re-contract negotiation and it didnt work out. I had alot of interest in other teams in Vietnam and elsewhere, HAGL couldnt agree to my terms of what other teams were willing to match so thats the reason for not coming back and the MAIN other reason was, I wanted to get back on my National Team and play for my country so thats the main reason for the break-up beacause I wasnt going to be seen by my USA team if I was to stay with HAGL... I Hope you guys understand didnt want you guys to feel like I was letting yall down but steps needed to be made and promises werent kept so thats how it ended.

Sorry to All MY Fans IN VIETNAM you guys are the BEST Though and wanted to let Yall know that this year it was so Amazing and so Blessed to Play in front of Yall and Always supporting me even if I wasnt on your favorite team .. I hope you guys understand.. and

Thank You To All My VN Fans for the Best Season
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