15 November 2009

BREAK-TIME: Koki Mizuno vs Vietnam U22

An interesting video about young winger Koki Mizuno in Olympic 2008 Qualifier: Japan U22 vs Vietnam U22 in Japan. The final score was 1-0 win for the host. Vietnam U23 of 2007 was also the best Vietnam U23 side ever.

I don't know when Vietnam will have a winger as good as Mizuno. I don't even see any true winger in Vietnam nation team at the moment. Vu Phong, Cong Vinh, Thanh Luong or Tan Tai ? No, no one. None of them can play like a typical winger who can beat full-backs and make a good cross.

When I watched this video, the only one I thought of is Huynh Quoc Anh, a brilliant player. The first time I saw him playing was in 2005. He was truly a young and rare talent then. Now he is still playing quite well for SHB Da Nang. As his international ban has been lifted lately, I think Calisto should give him a chance. I miss the way he embarrassed those defenders and his crosses as well.

I heard some Japanese fans say Koki Mizuno is too light. Not sure what they will think about our Thanh Luong or Vu Phong. lol

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  1. well vu phong and minh phuong are currently (what i think) are the best winger right now in vietnam national team. minh phuong makes good passes and pretty good shots. while vu phong shooting most of the time are accurate and crosses isnt that bad. and yes they both did made a free kick goal once or twice before :)