29 November 2009

Big Vietnamese clubs target Lee Nguyen

Binh Duong, SHB Da Nang and Xi Mang Hai Phong are in war for signature of Lee Nguyen after this USA-Vietnamese midfielder was released by Hoang Anh Gia Lai on November 27th.

Binh Duong and SHB Da Nang are two best clubs in Vietnam and both have qualified for continental competitions next season. Lee Nguyen would be a great addition for any side as it's quite hard to find a quality attacking-midfielder in V-League.

Xi Mang Hai Phong is a different case. Personally I don't understand why they are in this while they already have three good midfielders who play at the same position as Lee Nguyen. Especially Leandro and Aniekan Ekpe are brilliant players. Perhaps they just want to make some noise like what they did with Denilson.
In Hai Phong, Leandro is King

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