27 October 2009

Vietnam v Syria hots up

October 26th: Kuwait v Syria 1-0
The only goal was in 93rd min.

October 21st: Al Karamah (Syria) v Binh Duong (Vietnam) 3-0
Both Binh Duong and Al Karamah are top clubs from each nation and have some good national team's players. Binh Duong was completely outplayed.

October 15th: Binh Duong (Vietnam) v Al Karamah (Syria) 2-1
Binh Duong played well and won deservedly.

May 31st: Kuwait v Vietnam 0-1
Vietnam won because of the only goal scored by Trong Hoang and string of fantastic saves by Dinh Hoang La. This match was also the official debut of 3 naturalized players.

October 14th: Vietnam v Syria: ?
It's hard to predict. No one can base on other indirect results. Moreover time goes by, a lot of things have changed.

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