22 October 2009

Vietnam lost again! No surprise!

Ho Chi Minh City Cup 2009:
Vietnam v South Korea University Team 0-2
Singapore v Turkmenistan 4-2

After witnessing Vietnam's victory against Turkmenistan two days ago, I must say I was not impressed at all. What Vietnamese players performed on the pitch seems to have some problems. Lack of teamwork, lack of creativity, players didn't adhere to tactic. I'm pretty sure if Turkmenistan had had more time to prepare for this match, they would have caused a lot more difficulties for Vietnam. Before today match vs South Korean team started, I did expect a win for the university team like what happened last year. Vietnam NT always face all kinds of problems when playing against a team with stronger, quicker and taller players. And this match was no exception. Vietnam NT likes to play quick passing and one touch but this kind of playing requires high level of understanding between players and tactical understanding as well. However, from what I saw, Vietnamese players were unable to show it. As a result, their attack got stuck while defense became vulnerable.

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