26 October 2009

Physical side in football

Firstly, football is a sport. It means the stronger and faster, the better.

In football of top level, most players have decent or good physical attributes . Besides natural factors, the reason is that youth team coaches and scouts tend to choose young players with better height, strength and pace even if some physically weaker youngsters play better at the same age. They believe good physical qualities provide a young player a very BASIC CONDITION to help him develop his ability and more chances to fulfill his potential through training. POTENTIAL is exactly what coaches expect from young players not what they can do at a tender age.

For instance, some shorter players could be very good at heading but never win headers because they are always outjumped by higher ones. Some may have brilliant scoring ability but never have a chance to face goalkeeper because they are stopped by much bigger and stronger defenders from far outside. Some can cross well but too slow to escape from quicker fullbacks. Those weaker players may have some excellent abilities but they have little chance to show them. Sometimes the better ones are simply the bigger, stronger and faster ones.

This difference proves even clearer in football of low level. Physical superiority is more important here where most players have limited football skills.

It looks like some youth-team coaches need to change their criteria in choosing and developing young players. Look at future not today!

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